Energy Transition Roadmap for a Large Industrial Conglomerate

A major Saudi Arabian industrial conglomerate recognized the imperative to embrace sustainable and eco-friendly energy practices in alignment with global trends and national sustainability goals. They sought a strategic roadmap to transition their energy portfolio towards cleaner and more sustainable sources….

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Strategic Market Entry for Solar Panel Manufacturer

A leading global solar panel manufacturer aimed to expand its presence in the Saudi Arabian solar energy market, which was experiencing significant growth. However, the company faced challenges related to market entry strategies, local competition, and regulatory complexities. Eurogroup Consulting was…

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Energy Market Regulatory Framework Development

Saudi Arabia recognized the need for a robust and efficient regulatory framework to govern its rapidly evolving energy market. The government sought to create a regulatory environment that would foster competition, attract investments, and ensure reliable energy supply to meet the…

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Renewable Energy Investment Advisory for a Sovereign Wealth Fund

A prominent sovereign wealth fund in Saudi Arabia recognized the growing importance of renewable energy in the global energy landscape. They sought expert advisory services to strategically invest in renewable energy projects and diversify their energy portfolio. Eurogroup Consulting was engaged…

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Energy Efficiency Enhancement in Petrochemical Plants

Our client, a major player in the Saudi Arabian petrochemical industry, faced challenges related to energy consumption, operational costs, and environmental sustainability. They sought to enhance energy efficiency across their petrochemical plants. Eurogroup Consulting was engaged to devise and implement a…

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Market Entry Strategy for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Provider

Our client, a prominent electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure provider, aimed to establish a strong foothold in the burgeoning Saudi Arabian market. They sought a comprehensive market entry strategy to navigate the unique challenges of the Saudi EV landscape. Eurogroup Consulting…

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