Energy Market Regulatory Framework Development


Saudi Arabia recognized the need for a robust and efficient regulatory framework to govern its rapidly evolving energy market. The government sought to create a regulatory environment that would foster competition, attract investments, and ensure reliable energy supply to meet the nation’s growing demands.


Eurogroup Consulting was engaged to assist in the development of a comprehensive energy market regulatory framework.

  • Stakeholder Engagement: We initiated a collaborative process by engaging with key stakeholders, including government authorities, energy providers, consumer groups, and industry experts. This ensured a well-rounded perspective and buy-in from all parties.

  • Regulatory Gap Analysis: Our team conducted an exhaustive analysis of existing energy regulations, identifying gaps and areas requiring improvement or reform.

  • International Best Practices: We benchmarked Saudi Arabia’s energy regulatory framework against global best practices to ensure alignment with international standards.

  • Customized Framework Design: Leveraging our insights and stakeholder input, we designed a tailored regulatory framework that balanced the needs of energy providers, consumers, and the government.

  • Legal Drafting: Working closely with legal experts, we drafted the necessary legislation and regulations to support the new framework.

  • Market Structure: Defining the structure of the energy market, including market segments, roles of various market players, and pricing mechanisms.

  • Consumer Protection: Ensuring that the regulatory framework included provisions for consumer protection and dispute resolution.

  • Competition Promotion: Introducing measures to promote competition in the energy market, such as fair access to infrastructure and transparent market rules.

  • Environmental Considerations: Incorporating environmental sustainability and clean energy goals into the regulatory framework.

Engagement ROI

The development of the energy market regulatory framework was a significant milestone for Saudi Arabia’s energy sector. It led to a more competitive and transparent energy market, attracting investments and fostering innovation. Consumers benefited from improved services and greater choices, while energy providers operated within a clear and fair regulatory framework. This successful initiative played a pivotal role in ensuring a reliable and sustainable energy supply for the Kingdom, contributing to its economic growth and energy security.