Renewable Energy in Saudi Arabia

Powering Growth and Sustainability

Welcome to the renewable energy sector in Saudi Arabia, a dynamic and continuously evolving industry that presents considerable opportunities for businesses and investors. With over four decades of experience, Eurogroup Consulting is ready to support you in addressing the distinctive requirements of the Saudi renewable energy market. Our team of experts offers high-quality services and assistance to help you reach your goals in this promising sector.

IntroductionSaudi Arabia's energy sector is a vital driver of the nation's economy, playing a pivotal role in fueling growth and sustainability.

As of 2023, this sector contributes approximately 50% to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), underlining its strategic importance. With a multitude of projects and initiatives, Saudi Arabia is at the forefront of global energy developments.

Saudi Arabia’s energy sector is undergoing a profound transformation driven by key themes aligned with the Vision 2030 initiative. The nation is committed to diversifying its economy and reducing reliance on oil revenues while prioritizing sustainable development. Central to this vision is the shift towards sustainable energy solutions and the reduction of carbon emissions. Saudi Arabia is actively pursuing a renewable energy revolution, with a bold target to generate 50% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2040. Ambitious solar and wind energy projects are at the forefront of this green transformation.
The energy sector is also experiencing a digital transformation, marked by substantial investments in cutting-edge technologies, smart grids, and energy efficiency initiatives. Programs like the Energy Tech Accelerator are fostering innovation and efficiency in energy production and distribution. Moreover, the Saudi government’s policies have opened doors for private sector participation, creating numerous opportunities for investment and collaboration in energy projects. This strategic approach is driving economic growth, diversification, and sustainability, positioning Saudi Arabia as a leader in the global energy landscape.

Trends in the Saudi Arabian Energy Market

Renewable Energy Boom

Saudi Arabia is a key player in the MENA region’s renewable energy market. Solar and wind projects are on the rise, attracting international investors and contributing to a greener future.

Energy Efficiency

The Kingdom is dedicated to reducing energy consumption. Initiatives such as the Saudi Energy Efficiency Program aim to improve energy efficiency across various sectors.


Digital technologies are transforming the energy landscape. Investments in IoT, data analytics, and AI are enhancing energy production, distribution, and management.

Major Energy Projects in Saudi Arabia

Solar Megaprojects

Saudi Arabia is investing heavily in solar power, with projects like the Sakaka Solar Power Plant and the Sudair Solar Energy Project, contributing to the country's renewable energy goals.

Wind Energy Initiatives

The Dumat Al-Jandal Wind Farm is one of the largest onshore wind farms in the Middle East, showcasing the country's commitment to wind energy development.

Nuclear Energy

Saudi Arabia is exploring nuclear energy as a sustainable power source, with plans for nuclear power plants in the future.

Energy Storage

Battery energy storage projects are emerging to enhance the stability and reliability of the energy grid.